Spring season runs March - May 2024.

Questions? Email: info.raptorslacrosse@gmail.com

Congratulations to our 2023 Champions

Raptors Huffman 2028/27

Raptors House 2027

Raptors Fernandez 2029

Raptors Cross 2030


8:30 AM | Elk Ridge Park
2034 Raptors Fatti
9:30 AM | Elk Ridge Park
2034 Raptors Fatti
3:30 PM | Elk Ridge Park
Ranger 5th
2031 Raptors Futa
4:30 PM | Elk Ridge Park
2033 Raptors Self
24 Mar

2024 AYL Spring Lax Schedule

All of our teams utilize different methods for communication to their players. Crossbar is the Raptors Athletics approved platform, but it is not required for Coaches to use Crossbar for their communication. 

If you are ever questioning the game schedule, this link will ALWAYS have the most updated information https://www.stacktourney.com/accounts/b1e80574-fc3d-4968-aba8-5a70412ee7c7/tournaments?_detail=v1

We strongly recommend that the night before and the morning of a game, you check the StackTourney link provided by the AYL to ensure you know the time and location of your game. 

19 Mar

Let the Games Begin!

Our spring lacrosse season is finally underway with our first games starting this Saturday 3/23! Stop by and watch our home games at Castle View High School Turf! There is a game at 2:30 and 3:30pm! Go Raptors & good luck to all of our teams playing this weekend. 

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